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Headache Treatments

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With four decades of dedicated research and treatment to our name, Diamond Headache Clinic offers a first class, multidisciplinary approach to abdominal headache treatment. Operating out of the renowned Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, DHC offers you 21st century headache diagnosis and treatment options. Our top-rated physicians are members of the National Headache Foundation and have authored professional literature in their field. We provide cutting-edge, personalized abdominal headache treatments for patients age 5-80.

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Inpatient Clinic

  • First Inpatient Headache Center in the US
  • Casual, Street Clothes Environment
  • Recreational and Therapeutic Activities
  • Pediatric, Adult and Older Adult Programs
  • Family Participation Encouraged

Hosted in a dedicated 40-bed unit at Saint Joseph Hospital, which overlooks Lake Michigan on Chicago’s north side, our inpatient services are personalized to your medical history and lifestyle. We designed the Diamond Inpatient Headache Unit to be a soft, healthy environment for patients to learn how to manage their symptoms. DHC offers a full staff of nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, psychologists, physical and activity therapists and counselors to maximize your potential for success.

A list of the therapy methods we employ include: Individualized Drug Therapy, Psychological Intervention, Biofeedback Training, Physical and Activity Training, Alternate Therapies, Detoxification and Family Involvement.

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About Us

Celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2014, Diamond Headache Clinic remains one of the premier inpatient headache facilities in the world. Patient success and satisfaction remain top priorities at DHC and our commitment before, during and after your treatment ensures your long-term needs will be achieved. Our staff of dedicated and renowned professionals will be with you every step of the way.

Diamond Headache Clinic proudly serves Chicagoland, the Midwest and beyond. Our inpatient facilities are located in Saint Joseph Hospital’s modern Lincoln Park campus on Chicago’s north side. DHC’s access to state-of-the-art equipment and research allows our specialists to provide the fastest and highest personalized care possible.

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